What’s The Hurry?

Surely,we all know of someone who has gotten a speeding ticket,maybe more than.

Perhaps we even gotten the pleasure,and humiliation,of having our vehicle tagged with that little slip of paper.

You know,a speeding violation.

Oh,you had appointments to keep. A job interview was waiting. The coffee had been left with the stove eye turned on. You just couldn’t forget that special occasion.

The excuses are innumerable. The reasons are few.

Isn’t it that way with most of our life?

We don’t take time…or better yet…we don’t MAKE time to share the simple things in life.

A smile,a hug,a sunset,or maybe the Master’s creation.

We have so little time to enjoy the simple things in life.

We have our computers,televisions,cellphones
(gotta text that message),and so many other
distractions that it’s pitiful.

Let’s get back to the basics.

I challenge everyone who reads this post to
give up everything I just mentioned for one week. That’s right,a full
grown week.

You’ll fin that we all have on 1440 minutes in a day. We all have 168 hours in the weeks.
We also have only 60 seconds in a minute.

God forbid that you have only one week to live. If so,how would you want to spend it.

That reminds me of a short poem which is as follows:

“Yesterday is a canceled check,

Tomorrow is a promisory note,

Only today is ready cash,spend it wisely.”

Let’s spend all our todays wisely.


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Little Things Mean Alot

Have you ever noticed how we take things for granted?

It could be as simple as a sink full of dirty dishes.

Are you thankful that you had enough to eat to make those dirty dishes pile up?

How about the ability to get out of bed? That’s a twofold blessing in itself.

First,you’re alive…which is better than the alternative.

Second,there’s the ability to do the simple things like move. Many people are paralyzed.

Recently,I was without a computer for over a week…..nearly two.

Not until I was without did I realize what I would miss.

My window on the world had just been shattered by one strike of lightning.

In the grand scheme of things,this was not monumental.

I was given some time to reflect and get back to the basics.

So,next time you feel lost because of some small occurence in your life,just remember, “little things DO mean a lot”.

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Time Has Made A Change

Their is a song titled “Time Has Made A Change”. It’s lyrics are something as follows:

“Time has made a change in the old homeplace,

Time has made a change in each smiling face,

And I know my friends can plainly see,time has made a change in me”.

That’s so true. Years have come and gone and I look at the changes around me.

My dad is 82. I can remember him as a viral 42 year old.

Mom is 75,has alzheimers and a broken hip. She is now in a wheelchair most of the time.

Their are evidences,though,that time has made a change for the positive.

Twenty years ago,our rural community didn’t have Internet access.

Nearly thirty years ago,their was no Americans With Disabilities Act. (http://www.adata.org/whatsada-history.aspx ).

That’s is an entire post in itself.

Yes, time has made a change.

I,personally,think it’s for the better.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave comments.

More Later.

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When Storms Come

This past Good Friday,a tornado hit a town not more than 100 miles from us.

From the outside looking in,it would seem as though the world had come to an end.

Communities and individuals were drawn together in support of the effort to help survivors put their lives back together. Those that weren’t affected were trying to give solace to those who were.

Events like this seem to bring out the best in people. They actually saw the silver lining in the dark clouds of that day.

It also give us all hope that we are not on this journey called “life” alone.

Besides feeling relieved that we weren’t affect,the faith in my fellow man was reaffirmed. Isn’t it bad that it takes a tragedy to teach us that?

More next time.

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Regardless of what a lot of people say,their is hope in this some time cruel world.

I wonder,though,is it the world or the people in it that’s so cruel.

As a disabled person,or whatever the politically correct term is in fashion now,I have grown up in an atmosphere of society placing labels on everyone.

Do labels really matter though? My parents were told,when I was born,I would never reach certain milestones. Each marker has been passed and surpassed.

This gives me hope.

The friends,family,and overall support system I have give me hope.

I’ll save the rest of the story for a later post. Right now,let’s get to know one another.

Whether you are disabled or not I pose to you this question.

What gives you hope?

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